Project Leogane Extends Into 2012

Project Leogane will continue operations into 2012. Our longest-running project, it launched in February of 2010 after the devastating earthquake struck Haiti. Since then, we've cleared rubble from over 400 homes, placed over 300 water filters in homes, schools and clinics, completed 13 and on track to build 20 schools, and enabled over 1,300 volunteers to give their time and energy to relief and reconstruction efforts in Leogane. We're excited to announce that our Transitional Schools Construction, Biosand Filter, and Livelihoods programs will continue, and that we'll support our partners in the Joint Logistics Base who will collectively build over five thousand transitional shelters in the greater Leogane region.
All Hands will continue to assist communities with acute problems by providing access to clean drinking water, safe school buildings, and sustainable livelihoods through 2012. This extension forms the basis of a planned transition into a final phase of presence in Leogane, ensuring that the work of our Volunteers leaves a lasting and meaningful change in Leogane.
We’re still accepting applications for volunteers with construction skills, and will focus on expanding our skills training program for Haitian volunteers and staff. We look forward to sharing our learning’s and successes with you. Keep your eye on our website and newsletter for updates from Project Leogane.
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